Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tree gone!

I guess I am not very good at this blogging thing cause I forgot I had one. :/ Maybe I better post once in a while anyway.
Today was "get rid of the biggest eyesore on our property" day.
Our wonderfully hardworking son came over with his equally hardworking chainsaw and cut her up and hauled her off. Wow, that tree stump looks a lot bigger when she's cut up and laying on the trailer. 
We can at least see what the grandkids are doing in the treehouse now without actually having to go to the treehouse. ;)
   We will be planting a new tree come Springtime. Only a little to the right so it doesn't block the "view". The one that went was over 100 years old. If she hadn't died we definitly would have been happy to keep her. But all of us have to go sometime, right?

On another happy note. :) I am finishing up my upstairs bathroom.
Think beaded board wainscoting and schoolboy blue paint. :D Pics in my next post. Promise!