Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our New Name

So...after 4 1/2 years I have finally found a name for our place. You know, like they name their homes in France? Or Italy?
This one happens to be Italian. Belle Villa da Sogna-Beautiful home of dreams. :)
I am by nature a lazy person. ;) But necessity dictates that I work like a dog at times. To have the home of my dreams I must do the work myself. As my dear hubby is out making the moola so I can have the home of my dreams. Jus kiddin. ;) By the grace of God we own free and clear! That will be whole nother post. Soon. :D
Anyway, back to the point I am trying to make. You know, the one about being lazy? Well, it will explain why I will only post before and after pics of my work. Maybe an occassional comment with. Seeing as how most of the work was done a couple of years ago. During a year and a half of almost nonstop work, with 2 homes (50 minutes apart). Trying to fix one up and keeping the other one sellable looking, I put most of it out of my mind and choose to enjoy the finished product. I did however take many pics. 99.9% of which I am not in for the simple reason there was nobody here to take it. lol to follow. Soon. Well, here's one to give a little clue as to the BEFORE. What's inside that cabinet is one of the scariest/disgusting things I've ever seen. You'll see.
The mirror to the left is hiding one of our 31 windows! And carpet should NEVER be in a bathroom. Especially one a man uses. ugg I can say that the after looks NOTHING like this. :D

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