Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It'll Be 100 Before We Know It

I wish I could dig up every little veggie that has popped out of the ground and bring them inside for just one night. Tomorrow night. When we will be having yet another freeze!
Old man winter is getting on my last nerve! He left THIS 3 years ago. Now THAT was cold!!!


I'd bring in every tomato, squash, radish, pepper (jalapeno, bell, banana), beet, okra and onion. I'm sure I'm even forgetting some.
I will be able to cover my hydrangea.
My rose doesn't seem to mind. And since it has done so well on the south side I'll be getting more. I found my first rose today. I'll be cutting it tomorrow.
My wisteria has already had all the leaves? blown off, then froze and now probably froze again. But each time it has new shoots in a day or 2. I believe I read they can grow 10 ft in a year. I can see they are definitely hardy. I've also read that they can be invasive. Between the wisteria and the trumpet vines, I say let the invasion begin.
I'm not giving up! Let the north wind blow. We will overcome!

And when we do, this is on the to-do list. (big  smile)
This is my wonderful pond that I miss so much from our last home. My son helped me build this.
We are working on enclosing a space that will be protected from our mighty winds, where I can have another pond.

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