Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mrs. Scissortail Flycatcher

We spent my husbands vacation time building a deck for our my pool. His idea. Mine would have been a week away. But whatev.
It was sweet of him to build it for me before I fell off the rickety, swaying, twisting ladder. My grandson said he was building it cause he knew if I got hurt I wouldn't be able to wait on him. Papa said he knows him too well. ha
Anyhoo, when I got up on the deck to help lay the floor I noticed this nest.
 It happens to be in the tree with the rope swing. Right in the
middle of the branch you see below. Maybe mama didn't know about hollering boys swinging from the branches when she was busy making her nest.
Which by the way was totally serendipitous. The 5th step up happens to be the perfect place to launch from.
Her nest is made totally out of cotton bolls from the field next to us. The scissortail flycatcher (our OK state bird btw) is supposed to be "aggressive in defending her nest". This one not so much. Although she may be telling them a thing or two. I couldn't hear her over the boys whooping and hollering. :)


SuzQz said...

I'm looking forward to using the deck instead of the ladder this year! ;) And,the bird's nest is in a most precarious position. :/

Nancy said...

I can say it's MUCH SAFER now!! :)Maybe you can try that swing. ;) And update on that nest. That night we got a much needed rain. Let's just say that cotton may make a soft nest but when it gets soaked it becomes a waterlogged mass. It's now hanging half off and abandoned. I guess the babies had hatched because all of the shells fell out along with a dead baby scissortail. Mama is gone and I don't know what happened to the rest. :(

Anonymous said...

That's quite the nest! A lot of hard work goes into building a home for her babies. Love the rope swing. We had a tire swing at our last house that the grandkids enjoyed on their visits... Enjoy the summer!