Saturday, September 28, 2013

Giving Thanks

It rained on us!!!

#So the first thing I am thankful for is an inch of rain. We need every drop. And I am thankful for every drop.

#That my children and grandchildren are protected by Gods mighty hand.
Which reminds me of the time my 2 oldest grandsons were with me and after forgetting to stop and get gas I told them we needed to pray that God would get us to a station before we ran out, on the Interstate. When I saw that, yes, we were going to make it to one, I said "thank you God for making sure we didn't run out of gas." One of them immediately said "oh, we ran out, and God pushed us." And the other one said "with His mighty hand." They were both 4 at the time. :D

#I'm thankful, as always, for our children bringing up our grandchildren to love and serve the Lord. NOTHING could make me happier!

#I'm thankful for all the comforts God allows us to enjoy. Even though I sometimes say "why me???". As in, who am I to deserve this? I try to never take any of it for granted. And pray that I never hold anything so tightly that it would hurt to let it go if He asks me to.

#Bamboo starts that my husband dug from a bar ditch on his way home from work because he remembered me saying I wanted some for my "in progress" pond. And for him digging the holes for them. ;)

#Birds singing outside the window. I am sure they are thanking their creator for the rain too.

Have a great next week. And don't forget to be thankful.



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Mindy Whipple said...

We have a "patch" of bamboo and I love it! We were careful to put it in a trench with blocking cloth and metal up the sides because boy does it spread. We have had it several years now and some of it is getting SO big around and very tall. So far only a few sprouts have tried to escape : )