Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chy's Boys

I'm not sure exactly why I started this blog. Except that in my mind things just make more sense when I can see them in writing.
And the world (and thoughts and life?) seem more real. I thought maybe I'd tell about projects. Or past diy. Or how our house became our home. (And I will from time to time) I am pretty sure it was never going to be a cooking blog. lol Although  after all these years cooking for my family I thought I didn't like it but am realizing lately "hey, I'm a pretty decent cook. Nobody's died yet from eating my food. This isn't so bad after all." I've even found some recipes that my husband actually likes, on Pinterest. Anytime I can please my man, I'm all in. :D
When I was writing my bio I felt the need to include what inspires me. And for the most part that is what gets me going when I think about doing a post. Maybe it'll be something to inspire you in a world that seems so full of itself sometimes.
I found a story today that has me smiling and I am sure it will put one on your face as well.

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