Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Whitewash. Done.

Our fireplace has been begging to be whitewashed for 5 years. And she's finally done.

Before=UGLY red, tired, old brick!

Whitewashing brick is fairly easy. To clean, all I did was give it a dusting. Gathered my materials. Mixed water and paint 1/2 and 1/2. I used antique white. Then I painted and wiped with a dry rag. Do it in small sections. and Voila. ;)
Aaaand, since my painting jobs usually include at least one of these. Oops! :/ part of the 2 hours that it took to do this was cleaning my mess up.

After=me happy. :D


SuzQz said...

I love the fireplace! It looks amazing! :) Good job!

Nancy said...

Thank you Suz ;) I also did the chimney in the dining room. Only I didn't whitewash. It's solid white. And we both love it! Wayne said "you should have done that a long time ago." lol that Wayne. ;)