Thursday, April 11, 2013

gratitude is all about attitude

I like to think I've learned a few things in my 54 years here on this earth. Gratitude is one of them. What a difference it makes in all of our daily joys AND struggles.
I'm doing the Joy Dare that I found here . You can print out a yearly schedule. Each day gives you 3 news "gifts" to look for and be thankful for on that particular day.
Today is "budding/blooming". Seeing as we just had 20* temps the last 2 nights, I am especially thankful for these treasures that made it through.
My ivy. I've always wanted an ivy covered house and we are on our way to having one here. :) New green leaves are popping up!

My rose bush that W. brought to me last year made it through the winter despite the fact that I forgot to water it because I put it on the side of the porch that I just don't look at in the winter. :D

 My new Wisteria. Also something I have always wanted. I am glad we hadn't planted these yet and remembered to bring them in out of the cold temps. Maybe it's safe to plant now?

Now that I am purposely looking for gifts to be thankful for everyday I am finding a lot!! Sometimes it's hard to pick just 3 to write down.
Hmmm, maybe that is the whole purpose of this Joy Dare thing... :D
Blessings to all you beautiful ladies today. Now get out there and look for those gifts.


20 North Ora said...

Nancy - Really pretty photos. I am so glad things are finally beginning to green up. This crazy Oklahoma weather!

Do you have a brick house? If so, do you know the ivy will grow up and in between the mortar and crack your bricks? We found out the hard way and it just killed me to have to tear it all out. So, now my ivy is covering an old dead tree trunk in the back yard!


Nancy said...

Hi Judy, Thanks for stopping by! Yes, we do have a brick house. I think the ivy has been here for quite a while though. We took it down to paint the brick a couple of years ago and there wasn't any damage yet but I will definitely keep an eye out for that! If it does do damage we'll probably have waited till it's too late like we usually do. lol

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Oh my the 20's? This has been one crazy spring this year. You have a great post and i am happy that I came by to read it:)


Nancy said...

Thanks for popping over Linda! Crazy weather for sure. But it'll be back in the high 80's by Sunday. :/ I think that's where I'll need the attitude of gratitude. :D

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Nancy, an attitude of gratitude will get us through the roughest of times. That and knowing we belong to God.

Nancy said...

Knowing WHOSE we are is definitely the most important ingredient in a gratitude filled life. So glad you stopped by Sandra. Hope you had a nice birthday!!


Beautiful images! When I feel down, I always look at my gratitude file and start again! Thank you for sharing this post and for your sweet and kind visit. Have a blessed week.

Nancy said...

Thank you, Fabby!

Patty@Lemon Lane Cottage said...

I couldn't agree more. Finding daily blessings reminds us that God is good all the time. Love your three for this day.