Thursday, April 25, 2013

What a great guy

If you have read my bio you know that I am totally inspired by  those special people who, in spite of the hand they are dealt in life, truly find joy and hope in every moment.
Jeff Bauman is one of those people.
Here he is giving Sydney Corcoran, another bombing survivor, a birthday gift for her 18th birthday.
I'm praying for a continued, speedy healing for them both, along with all the others.
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Jacqueline said...

What a beautiful post. I didn't see this on the news. Truly amazing. Doesn't it make you wonder how you would react.

Cool Mom said...

I second everything Jacqueline said. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Jennifer Hughes said...

What a sweet sentiment. I didn't know about this and it really gave me a great feeling to kick off the weekend. Thanks for linking up with Friday Flash Blog. :-)


Prayers for all of them in Boston. My dear nephew goes to college there, but was safe thank goodness!