Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sponsoring Children Works

I knew next to nothing about Compassion International, or sponsoring a child before going to Tanzania a few years ago. We were privileged to be able to spend the weekend in a village with a Compassion school. My eyes and heart were opened. So many things stood out to me. It's not an orphanage. The children live in their own homes in the surrounding area with parents and siblings. They are able to attend school. They are given structure and love. Maybe the only place they have for that.
We provided a community meal where all the children came with family. Over 800!! With 1 goat killed. :) 

Smiles and laughs from the children could melt a heart of stone.

I met Loth there.

He immediately began a conversation with me. Wanting to know all about how I lived and telling me about his life. I only found out later that he was one of only a very few that Compassion chooses out of each school to do special follow up on every year. To get an idea of how the school is doing. (So that's what the white men were there for as we were leaving.) He wants to be a pilot. I bet he will be. He emails me and tells me that he is in upper level of school and no longer with a sponsor as he is too old. But that what it gave him can't be measured.
Because of our visit I came home with a heart wanting our own children to love and encourage. We picked 2. One lives not far from where we visited. A friend we met has even offered to visit him to see how he is in person. The other lives in Kenya and just informed us that she is able to sleep without getting wet during rainy season because they were able to buy tin for their roof. That is such encouragement for us. To know that the God of the universe allows us to be part of His work and to show His love to others, when we do it in His name.
We have found that Compassion International is trustworthy and accountable.
I know there are children here in our own country who need the same things these children do. And I am in no way saying we should ignore that. I am saying that we can add to what we do here. After all, we all live on the same planet. We all need love and encouragement. We all need to know that someone, somewhere cares.

               A recent independent study reveals that child sponsorship really works!
 Dr. Bruce Wydick, a professor of Economics and International Studies at the University of San Francisco, set out to explore if child sponsorship really works. After interviewing more than 1,800 formerly sponsored Compassion children, he found that:

  • Children in Compassion's programs are much more likely to stay in school longer.
  • As adults, formerly sponsored children are more likely to hold steady jobs and overcome poverty.
  • They are also more likely to become leaders in their communities and churches! 



Thistle Cove Farm said...

Nancy, I've begun sponsoring a child thru Compassion Intl. There are several worthwhile organizations that do such sponsorships and I'm good with CI, I wish I'd done my homework before signing up with them.
Your trip to Tanzania sounds amazing.

Nancy said...

That's awesome Sandra! I really do like CI. They do a great job keeping me updated with info and pictures, along with what the children send. I chose them just because I saw the example of a school and program while there. I did try World Help a couple of years ago and were not happy with them.
Yes, our trip was wonderful! I would go back in a heartbeat if the opportunity comes up again.

SuzQz said...

HI Sister!

I just finished reading a wonderful book, Kisses from Katie.

It's a true story about a young woman who is ministering in Uganda. She is barely 23 years old and has adopted 14 little Ugandan girls. I thought of you a lot while I was reading it.

She also has a blog spot by the same name. Check her out and read the book. I really think you will enjoy it!:)

Love you so much~