Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Train Whistles and Laughter

What could be better than the sound of a good train whistle?
How bout the sound of grandkids having fun. Nothing sweeter!!
 Grandson #2
 Granddaughter #2 w/yours truly. ;)
 Papa. He da man!
 Grandson #3
 Sweet Pea really is sweet!

 Princess not so much.
 Granddaughter #1- wait a minute. Is she giving Papa a ride?
Grandson #1
#'s are in order of age. Cause they're ALL #1 around here!! :D
What's YOUR favorite sound?


SuzQz said...

Looks like fun! Except for the kicking pony! ;)

Nancy said...

Ya, she's a stinker. Whenever anyone "dares" to go in with her, she is in your face doing the high ho silver thing the whole time. lol

Keli Martin said...

Love the pics!

Nancy said...

Keli, you can save any of them to your computer. :)