Tuesday, March 26, 2013

(Icky) Before and (Better) After

It's time to show my before and after pictures. Are you ready?????????
If you'd like to know how we came to live here, you can read about it HERE
 Alright time to start. I'll start in the kitchen. 
Before :(  
(As in when we bought. BEFORE we moved in. I have no desire to take credit for any of the before's.)
Ok, THIS IS THE AFTER. I wouldn't want to scare you away. ;)

During and before.

Dining room before. Not sure what she was going for.??
the old west??

                                                         And After.                    

I painted all of the wood floors with a Valspar  Porch and Floor paint from Lowe's. Because they weren't consistant, not in perfect condition, and I had already almost single handedly done all of the reno inside it was just easier to do it this way and worry about it later. We are now mulling over/researching whether we want to redo with wood or laminate. (Our son did help with some carpentry work inside and I am soooo grateful for his help!. And advice when he wasn't able to come. I also want to thank GOOGLE. I owe them. haha If what needed done wasn't in my experience already, I would google and find out how to get it done. It never failed me. ;) To see how I did my hutch look HERE. 

North side living room before.

And after.
   Hi, my name is Nancy. And I like orange. :) Wanna know how I whitewashed my brick? Check it out HERE

South side living room. Before.
And after.


Downstairs bath/laundry room before.

I feel sick just thinking about it. :/

The sink on the left was covering a window.
And after.

Join me upstairs won't you?
This is guest room #1. Also known as the girls room for our granddaughters. The before pic.
                                                               And after.

And guestroom #2. Also known around here as the boys room.

 And after.

And our room. Before. I'm just not a fan of antique and dark and lots of brown. And I can't forget whole house nasty, smelly and dirty. :/
And after. This is our upstairs coffee station. :D

Upstairs bath. Before.

And after. Find more pics and post

Upstairs living area. Also known as the Mr.'s western room.
 His man room.

                                                      And after. I'm not allowed to make any d├ęcor decisions in this area. :(

And that's it. Nothing fancy. But definitely our "treasured abode". :D




Thistle Cove Farm said...

I think I like the befores as much as the afters...you've a lovely home, it shows the care you've put into it.

Nancy said...

Thank you Sandra!

Karen said...

WOW what a great re-do. Everything looks fantastic! You have an eye!...

Nancy said...

Karen, you really are too sweet!! Thank you.

SuzQz said...

I love the fresh wall color! As always, your home is so inviting! Can't wait until I can visit again!
Love you~

Nancy said...

Just tell me when SuzQ. July 4?

Melanie said...

Your home is lovely!! Can't get over the window in that bath being covered up!! Wow!! What an improvement!!!

Nancy said...

Thank you, Melanie! My windows are one of my favorite parts about our home. The previous owner missed out on a lot of beautiful views because that wasn't the only one she had covered. :/

Keli Martin said...

I don't think I've seen all those before pics....WOW! I love your house!

Nancy said...

I had them hid. Too many bad memories. lol But it's all good now. :)

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

It is a lovely abode! Enjoyed every photo seeing your hard work and beautiful make-overs!

I have also had a great time perusing many of your posts! Sweet blog (and family) you have here.

Kindly, Lorraine


Hi Nancy,

Just found you on Kristi's comments - I was absolutely enchanted with your blog and all of the wonderful work you have put into your beautiful home.



Nancy said...

Thank you so much, Jules!