Tuesday, March 12, 2013

60 years!!!

Tomorrow is my parents 60th wedding anniversary! 
Here they are 60 years ago. Only 18 years old. Aren't they cute? :)They were married on Friday the 13th. So much for bad luck, huh? ;)
Last year dad had a major heart attack, a mitral valve replacement and delirium that lasted for quite a while. He had us convinced he was dying at one point and the family gathered. We can laugh now. What were we thinking allowing ourselves to be duped by someone who was clearly not in his right mind. lol We are giving God all the praise for bringing him out of it and letting us have more precious time with him. So that makes this celebration all the more sweet!
Here they are now.
Happy anniversary mom and dad. I LOVE YOU!!!!

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SuzQz said...

I love it! I love them! I love you! :)